Thursday, February 3, 2011


An interesting coincidence occurred on Monday. The conversation I posted on my previous entry got a little bit more heated between me and my mother. She finally calmed down some after I explained in detail the basic concept of Buddhism - the 4 Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path - and explained that Christians who adapt bits of Buddhism are adapting those concepts, not worshiping Buddha. But I still get the impression that she's kind of in denial.

Anyways, I'm a part of a Celtic Spirituality group through church. It's a book discussion group - we read the assigned passages, and then discuss it at our bi-monthly meetings. The group also has another member who is approximately my age. In an event of interesting timing, this fellow group member started discussing his own views of the compatibility between Christianity and Buddhism. The conversation naturally migrated back toward Celtic discussion, but the fact that it was brought up, and the timing of it, seemed like the Universe affirming me that I'm right in my views, and not to let my mother's fundamentalism get the better of me.

In other news, my Imbolc went wonderfully. I held a small candle ritual and meditation before bed. Good way to end a rare day off!

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Angel said...

Those timely connections are what keep us going! *hug*