Friday, July 20, 2012


It's interesting the way patterns seem to work in life.

When I first felt the pull to move to the coast, I took a retail position to get me here, so that I would be local when looking for work in my career field. I found a couple of roommates, who turned out to be alcoholics and potheads. I found new roommates and moved, just in time to get hired back into my chosen field.

When it came time to start school, I ended up having to move again. Again, I happened to land just the right roommate - for the time - who would be willing to work with me with my changing financial situation as my school responsibilities became more demanding and took me away from work.

Now, as I'm seeking work again (this time appropriate to my now completed level of education), I'm also moving again. I finish moving into my friend's apartment next weekend (taking some smaller stuff over here and there in the meantime, and her parents are letting me use their spare bedroom for bigger things like my bed and bookshelf). I had a  job interview today that seems promising. It's basically a case manager position. They get referrals from DSS of families that are in danger of having the children removed, and the company tries to develop plans, resources, etc. to help the parents learn new skills to prevent that from happening. The pay would be $31,500/year, plus benefits and mileage/cellphone reimbursements. While that's a good deal lower than a lot of jobs that are Masters level, it's still at least $11,000 more a year I currently make, so I'm now wondering if I got the job, if it would be enough to quit my current part-time job and still be able to afford my own apartment (probably in the same complex that my friend is in), with all the other bills I have.

Honestly, the job makes me a little nervous too. I haven't done very much work with parents, only the kids. And it will mean home visits in quite shady neighborhoods, and running into drug use, etc. I understand that as a social worker I have to deal with some sketchy people, but I don't want to worry about my safety in doing so, you know?

Guess we'll see what happens next. They said they'd have a decision by Wednesday.


Angel said...

I wish you luck, Chad. But just to keep yourself fully aware and prepared for how things are changing in regards to child social services and the court system I highly recommend you research the UNCRC(United Nations Conventions for the Rights of the Child). There are tons of YouTube vids about this thing. There are demonstrations happening and legislation being proposed right now during the last Congressional session before the election. Big stuff!

Just keep informed and understand exactly what kind of emotional situations you could be getting yourself involved in. If the UNCRC is pushed into the backdoor of state's laws(like what they tried to do in Washington state in 1990) then your position as a social worker is going to be more tense than you can possibly bear and it will strain your morals.

Just please keep updated on UNCRC.

I've written about it on my blog. Look for the keywords of UNCRC and children.

Chadly said...

Yeah, there seem to be a good deal of changes going on in mental health/human services in general. I'll be sure to read up on that.