Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pastor sticks up for modern view of God - Religion -

Pastor sticks up for modern view of God - Religion -

All I really have to say on this one, is that it's good to see Christian leaders sticking up for their more progressive views. If more of them did so(and this article seems to imply that there are many "closet liberals" who don't see God in the traditional sense, that are pastoring churches), maybe the rest of the religion would follow suit and become at least a little more tolerant.

Sad to say I return home, and therefore back to work, tomorrow. NOT looking forward to going back to the craziness!

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Angel said...

Nice! This is most interesting, Chad! Thank you for linking that article here for us.

It appears those clergy are stretching toward not really an agnostic view but more of a deist view. But with a few personal god characteristics in the mix, at least in a listening way. Sounds like they're stretching toward gnosis.

I've come across a fair amount of "atheists" who are just really confused agnostics, which is only a hop, skip, and a small jump over to gnosis. You have to question literalism in order to make the distinction between non-gnosis and gnosis.